Sunday, July 14, 2013

So now we start.

I've spent some more time researching history that might contribute to Peter's project and found a surprising amount of data that will be useful as we progress. Data on engine modifications, suspension set up, clutch tricks and even gearbox secrets. Of course the next step is to sift through all this information and find out how much can be applied - or used - under CAMS Group Na regulations. That means sitting down with a pile of regulations relating to Category 5 and in particular Group N (a) and finding out what we can do - what we can't do and - perhaps most importantly how much it's going to cost and how long will it take us to put it all together.

At this stage all we are doing is pulling the car down to the shell, disassembling all the bits and pieces and establishing where we are going to start. Basically that decision has been made and we have decided to carry out the suspension work first then the Roll Cage and finally re-install the modified engine and gear box. As we have some limitations to useable space we've decided to make the car - "pushable around" as much as possible and that means we need to minimise time without suspension and wheels. It's all a bit boring at present because all that is happening is that we are accumulating a pile of "stuff" as we pull everything apart.

We have found however that we have a very sound and straight - rust free - shell to start with. Many projects such as ours start off with a lot less. A few photos as we pull things apart: -

Interior stripped and making ready to install roll cage

Errr - yes - we do have a few spare engines and gear boxes.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Once a Racer

It's been said that old race car drivers never die they just get shunted to the rear of the garage and left to gather dust. So when a mate of mine approached me to help him build a Group Na Historic Racing Sedan I admit to drooling uncontrollably. Now some people may giggle a bit at the idea of using a Standard 10 as a race car but the truth is way back when in my youth there were a few on the track. So the research began!

With the help of various Historic racing websites, blogs and assorted forums I soon began to gather even more information than I thought would be available. In particular the UK based Standard Motor Club's forum is a great help and also down here in Australia Charles Rogers and his website at: -

has been a great help with contacts and information. I'd also like to thank John Murn and Patrick Quinn for their help and contributions to my research.

So as I gather information and ideas the building and modifications to the car will start. For those who might be interested here are a couple of photos of the car before we start to wrec ..... eerrrr modify it. Call back every now and then for an update as the build progresses towards getting the car onto the track.

The Subject of the project. Pete's Standard Super 10

Front end will come out for a complete check, overhaul and some modifications

Apparently the existing rear springs are from a Mitsubishi Galant (?) They will be replaced.

Group Na Regulations allow some engine modifications

Interior to be stripped for a roll cage and drivers seat etc.